Fernando Rodríguez Álvarez

Small games make me happy


I'm Fernando Rodríguez Álvarez, a Spanish software engineer, currently finishing my Thesis in a Masters in Games Development at ITU Copenhagen.
I am a technologically-minded but creative person, and for the past two years I have been putting my time into creating some small-but-hopefully-fun videogames. In August 2020 I flew to Copenhagen to make some more and better games by studying game dev at ITU. If you ask me, I think it is going pretty well, but you can get your conclussions and tweet them to me by checking out what lies below!

DISCLAIMER: The games below feature original soundtracks and sound effects, but have been muted for your convenience. If you want to delight yourself with some great music made by awesome artists, go ahead and play them!

One Btn Bosses

Can a game feature one single input button, and still be mechanically intense and complex? One Btn Bosses is clear evidence of that! Dodge, dash, teleport, shoot and make your way through the different bosses in this action-packed challenge!

One Btn Bosses is the biggest and most succesful project I have worked in. In a team of 4 people, we have released two demos that have been played more than 85,000 times, with a final self-published release on Steam arriving on the second half of 2022.
My main focus in this project has been programming and level design.

Play the demo on Newgrounds
Soon available on Steam


Bring music and color to a dark and ominous dungeon! In Lullaby, you control a wholesome triangle and use a music wheel to combine and sing different music notes. Singing will help you bright up your mood, and solve puzzles on your way!

Lullaby was made by a group of 6 people, over two months, for a Game Dev subject at ITU. My main focus was programming the control system: a music wheel that comes up and lets you play different notes that interact with the elements of the world. I wrote a paper on the technical and design intricacies of the Music Wheel that can be read here.

Play on itch.io

>> FWD

Race! Fast! In ">> FWD", you are racing to the endline versus a mysterious fog that is catching up to you. Using your mouse as a rather unique racing control scheme, make precise movements, avoid damage and shoot enemies to keep your momentum and reach the end line alive.

>> FWD was developed during the course of a month by 3 people. My contribution to the project was as a game and level designer, helping improve the feel of the game and making most of the levels.
It is my first and only physical release so far, that you can check out at Super Rare Mixtape Volume #2.

Play on itch.io


Shoot a frisbee, hit an objective, move, call it back, bounce it off, and keep on the combo for as long as you can. In Be Fris, your trigonometry and reflexes will be challenged as you try to hit all of the objectives in the least amount of time.

Be Fris was made for the 2020 7-Day-FPS gamejam by a team of 3 people. I took care of all the programming aspects of the game, while my colleagues created the art and the music and sounds.

Play on itch.io

Loading out

Moving out is an exhausting process... Thankfully, it can be spicied up with a few WarioWare-like minigames! Daol needs your help loading their things in the truck... in the most literal sense. Find a way to fill up those loading bars, and help Daol in their journey!

Loading out was developed for Nordic Game Jam 2021 in the course of 4 days. The development was made by a team of 5 people, in which my main role was programming. I developed 3 of the 8 minigames featured: golfing, stretching and fishing.

Play on itch.io


Your flame is the only element bringing light into an otherwise fully dark cave. Keep your blaze alive in this roguelike by defeating and avoiding enemies. But beware! Getting damage and using skills consumes your light. If you can't see your surroundings, how are you planning to survive?

Lit was developed over the span of 4 days by a group of 6 people. My main focus during the development of the game was the implementation of a skill system that pops up every few levels and enables you to use a wide variety of skills. I designed and implemented some of the skills and enemies in the game.

Play on itch.io

Seasoned Wizards

The season cicle has been broken and you have to restore it!
Defeat enemies and solve puzzles to restore the order of nature. But be careful, the season will change every few seconds (check the clock!), and with it, your special abilities.

Seasoned Wizards is a game made by 5 people over 4 days for Ludum Dare 47. I focused on programming, and implemented features such as some special abilities and a custom audio system that decides which SFX to play based on the current in-game season.

Play on itch.io